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I am a wife to an amazing guy and a mom to five fantastic kids. I have four boys and one girl. Keeping up with this bunch on a day to day basis makes me feel like a zookeeper, and these are some of my ramblings.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Making a change...

I haven't kept this up in a while because I haven't had any spare crafting time on my hands. Things were hectic with back to school, ex issues, and other such things...

I decided that a blog limited to only sewing and crafting was cool but when I don't have much time to craft then I felt odd about posting random thoughts or whatever on a crafting blog; hence, I decided to start a new blog just for me that will include all of the random things that I encounter in life. :) When I do sewing or crafting projects I will still update them here, but for now, it would be great if those of you that follow me would move on over here:


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