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Saturday, August 1, 2009

And a purse to match...

Miss Sassypants was quite excited the next morning when she got up and had a new Dora dress. As predicted she sat down in front of the TV with her little brother and watched Dora. Of course the "dolling up" couldn't just stop at the dress. She accessorized with beads and Mom's sunglasses. Here she is in all her divalicious glory:

Of course we couldn't just be satisfied with the dress... A little while later she said, "Mommy, you make me a purse to go with it?" (Big sigh inserted here)

I'd never made a purse before. I looked around online and there were several purse patterns but I just wanted a little purse for a little girl. Nothing fancy, no zippers or buttons or anything beyond my beginning sewing skill level. I couldn't find anything to suit my taste (or skill level - maybe lack thereof is a better description) so I grabbed a piece of printer paper, folded it in half and fashioned my own.

Every purse needs a liner at least so I cut my pattern a little smaller and made a liner to go inside also. Plus, I know how Miss Sassypants is and Purse+No Liner = Bits of thread strung everywhere to get caught in the vacuum. Not a good plan.

Here it is before the final sewing after I put the lining inside.

It was kind of small to fit around the sewing machine base to sew around the top edges but I made it work.
Here's the finished purse...now on to a strap. I considered making one but naptime was getting shorter and I wanted to have it done by the time she woke up so I figured a simple ribbon would suffice.
This is kind of a crummy picture but you get the general idea.

When she woke up from naptime, we went out to the porch and her immediate reaction was "Oh Mommy, you made me a purse!!" I managed to catch the look of happy surprise on her face. Pardon the messy hair, naptime is rough on 2-year-olds. :)
Here she is posing with the final product.
I think I may have done myself a huge disservice, however. After playing with the purse for a bit she said, "Now Mommy you make purses for ALL my dresses." (Insert bigger sigh here)

Happy sewing!!


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