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I am a wife to an amazing guy and a mom to five fantastic kids. I have four boys and one girl. Keeping up with this bunch on a day to day basis makes me feel like a zookeeper, and these are some of my ramblings.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I love the quiet of the evening especially when a thunderstorm is rolling in.

The oldest is spending the night with a friend and the rest tucked in and snoozing for the night. Before they went to bed I started pulling out the sewing equipment and immediately Miss Sassypants interest was piqued.

"Oh Mommy, are you going to make my Dora dress?" OK, Dora dress coming right up. Just call me the Mom of Short Order Sewing...

After everyone was tucked in nice and snug, the thunder started...As long as the electricity stays intact from the storm, it's going to be a fantastic evening. Just the sounds of thunder, raindrops and the hum of the sewing machine to break the silence.

I am going to have one happy 2-year-old in the morning. She can sit and have her snack with her little brother and watch Dora the Explorer in her Dora dress.

I think next I'm going to attempt a matching purse for the dress; however, tonight I'm going to go snuggle in with the husband and listen to the rain before falling asleep.

Happy stitching, everyone!


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