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I am a wife to an amazing guy and a mom to five fantastic kids. I have four boys and one girl. Keeping up with this bunch on a day to day basis makes me feel like a zookeeper, and these are some of my ramblings.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Writing a first blog is more difficult than I thought it was going to be, so I'm going to ask for a pardon in advance for some initial rambling. I'm remembering the words of one of my high school English teachers, Ms. Smallridge, who always said that if you're having writer's block to just start writing about anything, so that's what I'm doing.

I named the blog "Sassypants Stitches" because I'm planning on doing quite a bit of sewing; however, that won't be limited to what this blog includes. Sewing is rather new to me and I have other hobbies I enjoy too such as taking photos, scrapbooking those photos, reading, knitting and I also saw this really cool jewelry idea that I'd like to try...but I digress. I have crafting ADD to a point, just ask my handsome hubby how much he loves trekking to the craft store with me when there is a sale that I just can't miss. He is also wonderfully patient with all of the totes of supplies that I "just might need" all around our house. He even makes trips to the craft store on his own when it comes to Christmas, Mother's Day and my birthday. Yes, ladies (and any gentlemen that might be reading), I found a good one - go ahead, you can admit you're jealous.

I also enjoy craft projects with the kids when the 13-year-old decides he isn't too cool to hang out with us lesser people and can manage to put the video game controller down. The 8-year-old and the 7-year old are still game for whatever Mom thinks up and the 1-year-old can make a mess in a minute flat when I put out craft supplies - have I mentioned that they are all boys? Which leads me to the 2-year-old - my only girl - and the reason the sewing and blog got started in the first place. Even though she is being raised in a family mired in male dominance, she manages to stay a girly-girl and insists that all brothers and Daddy participate in the girliness of tea parties, playing in her little cottage house, finding her other dress up high heel when she's misplaced it and reading "Fancy Nancy" books for every naptime and at bedtime too. Yep, she rules the roost around here. It's the curls and the dimples, no one can resist the power of the dimples...

She brought the idea of sewing about when I thought, "Little girls clothes would be so much fun to make..." And guess what? They are. And who better to model Mommy's creations than Little Miss Sassypants??


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