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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Over the years I have randomly thought that I would like to sew. I have my grandmother's old treadle sewing machine, which is theoretically operational, but had no desire to try to figure it out. I would take a picture of this gorgeous piece of antique craftsmanship but alas it's buried under stacks of books and craft supplies in my bedroom and no one wants to see that mess...maybe another time.

My desire for a sewing machine increased after having a daughter and buying our first home (just think of all the household projects alone!) but let's face it, we have five kids to feed and I am a stay at home mom. There's not a ton of cash lying around to spare for a new sewing machine.

A while back my mother called. My father passed away last year and she has already decided to take the plunge and get married again (but that's a story for another day and not a happy one from my perspective) and called to inquire if I would like anything from the house because apparently when you combine households it requires getting rid of things. Of course I requested things of sentimentality from my father and grandparents, and she asked if there was anything household-wise that I would like. Hmm, not that I can think of but thanks. She asked if I would like to have her old dishes. Thanks Mother, but definitely NOT. Check out these bad boys:

I felt obliged to include a picture so that everyone else could partake of the humor. Geese and ribbons with a big old peach or some type of fruit in the middle...and pastels to boot. And she doesn't just have the dishes...she has the whole dang set. Not my style but to each his/her own I suppose. We ate many a dinner off of these crazy looking things when I was a kid.

She asked again if there were any household type items that I would like to have and suddenly a bell went off in my head and I said "Welllll, if you're getting rid of your sewing machine, I'll take that off your hands. I'd love to make some dresses and things for Little Miss Sassypants."

Let the backpedaling begin at this point from the woman that I have never seen use the sewing machine in my life. She thinks she may make a few quilts (the pieces she started at the quilting class she took before I had my 13 year old are probably sitting in a box somewhere) and she thinks she is going to keep it because they are nice to have around the house if you need to repair something, coming from the woman who can't make it to the store fast enough to buy a replacement for anything if she decides she needs or wants it. However, she will think about it (which is "no" in mom code from those of us that are moms) and let me know.

A few days later there was a knock at the door and the big brown truck parked outside and the delivery driver handed me a large box. This is what was inside:

I picked up the phone and called to thank my mother and told her that I was not expecting a new sewing machine. She said, "Well, I decided I would like to keep mine and I think they are useful to have so I just got you one." Thanks again to my mother. The sewing machine was A+ and much, much better than the goose dishes.

Sewing machine, CHECK! Next stop, supplies...


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